Nursing Care Services Bureau / Agency in Gurgaon

Help Patient Care Bureau is one of the reputed professional home nursing provider organizations in Gurgaon equipped with compassionate nurses and qualified staff to offer consistent health related services. We understand the problems faced by the patients while bathing or performing personal tasks. Even family members feel helpless while treating the patients so hiring private nurses at Home in Gurgaon is one the best options to treat the patients effectively. Home based nurses assist the patients with the daily activities such as bathing, dressing, checking blood pressure, eating, drinking, walking, toilet, taking medicines or shopping and much more.

Home Nursing in Gurgaon:-

Life is more competitive and people have no time to spare for elder or patients at home as they are working. It doesn’t mean that they don’t love the ill members, it just they don’t want to put their life in danger due to inadequate care. So they prefer to hire private nurses in Gurgaon. Our nursing care services provide the home environment and emotional touch with the patients so that he or she could feel comfortable with the nurses. No patient wants to stay at a hospital for long, so a doctor may allow the patients to stay at home under the care of expert nurses.


  1. Availability for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays
  2. Hands-on personal assistance for indoor and outdoor activities
  3. Highest quality of old aged patients or senior citizens’ care services
  4. No need to stay at hospitals and enjoy the freedom of staying at home independently. Feel the family atmosphere and it will help the patient to recover soon.
  5. Both random visits and Live-In Facilities
  6. Qualified, professional and trusted checked nurses are provided.
  7. Enjoy the convenience of home and care of family members
  8. ICU trained and countable nurses.

Nursing Care Service Includes:-

Usually, nursing care services require when a person is incompetent enough to take care of himself or family members are not expert in handling the patients. Help Patient care Bureau offer in-house nursing care services for the following cases:-

  1. Pre & post surgical care
  2. Post hospitalization care
  3. All kind of orthopedic & wound care
  4. Random monitoring like checking sugar, Blood pressure, pulse or injecting & IV infusions
  5. Urine catheterization & Oxygen Administration
  6. Vaccination for H1N1, Typhoid, Pneumonia, Hepatitis, Sugar & more.

In short, in-house nursing facility in Gurgaon will serve you with the medical professionalism along with the home care while staying with the family members. There are comparatively more chances of recovering soon as compared to a hospital.

Help Patient care Bureau has been serving for years to Old Age, pregnant Women, patients have gone through surgeries, or for domestic maids or ayas in Gurgaon at most affordable prices. From the range of personal visits to continuous care, we offer world class professional care services through highly trained nurses and staff.

Does any of the family members need Post surgical or post-hospitalization care at home or having any chronic illness, Call Help Patient Care Bureau @ +91 9810711207 as we have served for working and non-working many families in Gurgaon.

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